The Clearview Center, Inc.

The Clearview Center, 
Outpatient Mental Health and Substance Abuse Therapy Services
We are a Faith Based, Christian counseling center.  We don’t push Christianity down anyone’s throats, mainly because it doesn’t do anyone any good to do that, secondarily because it’s rude.  If the client wants to hear about our faith, we tell them. If they don’t, we don’t tell them. We like to understand where the client is at, meet them where they are at, and help them in a healthy spiritual direction, encouraging them only to be open and willing.  On our staff, we have a Presbyterian, a Charismatic Presbyterian, a Catholic, and two “I’m not Pentecostal, I’m just a Christian”. 
We currently have 3 LMHPs (all 3 of which have LADCs), a LADC and a PLADC.  We are planning on hiring two new therapists, at least one of which will be a LMHP-LADC and the other probably a LADC.  We have 4 men and 1 woman (the 2 new therapists will be women). 
We are located at 4913 Underwood Avenue, Omaha, NE 68132.