Region 3 Behavioral Health Services

Region 3 facilitates behavioral health services based on individual and community needs and resources by being close to the point of service delivery.  Region 3 is in close contact with service providers, consumers and families, and works directly in communities with community leaders, consumers, and service providers to assess needs, identify resources, and provide assistance in service development.  Region 3 also provides much needed coordination of service delivery to avoid duplication of effort to maximize financial and human resources.
Jun 22, 2022
Full time
$41,600 yearly
Region 3 Behavioral Health Services
JUSTICE BEHAVIORAL HEALTH COORDINATOR POSITION OPENING Region 3 Behavioral Health Services is seeking qualified applicants for a Justice Behavioral Health Coordinator position.  Region 3 is one of the six Regional Behavioral Health Authorities in Nebraska responsible for the planning, developing, coordinating, funding, and monitoring the provision of mental health and substance use disorder treatment, rehabilitation, recovery, and prevention services across central and south central Nebraska.  Responsibilities: Promote services and activities designed to divert individuals experiencing a behavioral health disorder from the justice system.   Collaborate with forensics, judicial, justice, and behavioral health systems and services.   Explore strategies to better serve individuals with complex behavioral health needs who cycle in and out of the justice system.   Support individuals, families, and stakeholders in understanding and...