The Community Supports Network

The Community Supports Network, Inc. (CSN), is a strengths-based, multi-state organization whose Mission it is to support people with intellectual disabilities and/or mental health needs to learn skills and develop talents to reach their goals. Since its inception, CSN has strived to develop a model that caters to people’s needs, interests, and desires so they can develop their talents and skills to reach personalized goals and improve their quality of life.

As a CSN Employee, you have an opportunity to be part of a team that supports people with intellectual disabilities and/or mental health needs to increase their independence. When doing this, you become the teacher and learner all at the same time. Areas of support that your team will focus on often include; community involvement, job skills, education, physical & behavioral health, and daily living skills.

We focus on developing strengths. Period. When you choose to become a part of our team, you are choosing to combine your natural talents and passion for helping others, with our goal of utilizing a strength-based approach to teaching and learning. As a company who is continuously learning and growing, we recognize that when this combination is implemented well, the quality of life for the people we support as well as our employees, is enhanced immensely, creating a win-win situation.