Signet Health

Signet Health, a top private behavioral healthcare management company in the United States, has been in the healthcare field for over 24 years. Currently, Signet is in over 25 states with over 60 programs. Working with hospitals and facilities all over the country, we set up appropriate inpatient and/or outpatient psychiatric and/or addiction programs as well as programs designed specifically for the senior adult population. 

Signet Health realizes the value of the employees and provides competitive salaries and generous benefits while creating progressive and innovative programs with top-notch care designed to be flexible to meet the future.  Our employee base includes professionals within the behavioral healthcare field of all licensures and certifications. 

Our primary goal is to provide the highest quality behavioral healthcare to those in need.   To be successful, we need the best behavioral healthcare professionals available, who are passionate about what they do, are empathetic to their patients, and strive to be the best of the best.