Good Life Counseling

Good Life Philosophy

The purpose of counseling is to provide people with a positive recovery-oriented experience that turns life's problems into challenges, fosters optimism, enhances collaboration, inspires creativity, and above all helps people regain their dignity.

Good Life Counseling offers goal directed, solution focused, evidence based treatment approaches with an optimistic perspective by using our natural human motivation to move through the stages of change and problem resolution.

Nov 14, 2022
Full time
$50,000 - $60,000 yearly
Good Life Counseling
Tired of the chaos in the world today? Looking for stability? Want to work for a company that’s proven adaptable and in business since 2000?   If you’re ready to focus on doing what you love – serving the hurt, broken, and disheartened - then we invite you to check out the opportunities at Good Life Counseling and Support!   Our therapists collectively have 235+ years of experience serving the most vulnerable people in society.   Good Life therapists are provided a supportive, collaborative environment with flexibility and control over their schedule and a solid benefits package.   People are hurting, here at Good Life we help them find their best life!   Openings in our Columbus and Norfolk offices.