Lasting Hope Recovery Center

Mental illness doesn't have any demographics. It doesn't have any socio-economic boundaries. Mental illness can affect anyone. At Lasting Hope Recovery Center, patients find comfort and a team of caring professionals working for them.

The environment is designed around the psychiatric needs of the patient. The psychiatric assessment center is truly the front door. It is a place where people in crisis can come and find help. They walk in from the street. They come from home or the doctor's office. Police can bring patients in; they may even come from other hospitals. The job at Lasting Hope is to find out why a patient is here - what brought them to this point.

A 64-bed adult psychiatric facility, Lasting Hope Recovery Center is a place of healing. All of the rooms are private. Our team of experts cares for those patients who have nobody to turn to. They understand what it feels like to not be able to get out of bed in the morning or not be able to put down that last drink. They understand the pain that is often indescribable.

You won't find the stereotypical white walls, bars on the windows, and plastic furniture. You will find a calm, peaceful place designed to help in healing. There is a chapel area for patients to meditate or pray. There are internal courtyards so you can take in the fresh air. All patients are encouraged to spend time with one another.