Lancaster County Corrections

The Adult Detention Facility (ADF) at 3801 West O Street opened in July of 2013 and has a current maximum capacity of 786 inmates. The ADF encompasses nearly 290,000 square feet.   The ADF replaced the Intake and Detention Facility (IDF) located at 605 South 10th Street and the Lancaster Correctional Facility (LCF) located at 4420 NW 41st Street.

The ADF contains 6 General Populations Pods, 12 General Population Dormitories, a Segregation Pod, and a Pod that will help address the needs of inmates with mental health concerns, behavioral disorders, and developmental disabilities. A classification system determines where inmates will be housed and takes into account many different factors including the inmate’s sophistication level, current charges, and behavior.

The ADF adheres to the principles of a direct supervision facility. Direct supervision combines two key elements. The first element involves the physical design of the facility. The ADF complies with this element by reducing physical barriers that impede staff interaction with inmates.

The second element of direct supervision involves behavior management strategies.  The correctional officer interacts continuously with inmates in the housing units, actively supervising them to identify problems in their early stages. They use basic management techniques to prevent negative behavior and encourage positive behavior.  The correctional officer assumes control of the area and establishes a professional supervisory relationship. This helps to significantly reduce problematic inmate behavior commonly seen in jails. When both elements of direct supervision are used in facilities it helps to produce a facility that is safe and secure for inmates, staff, and visitors.