Childhood Autism Services, Inc.

Our Mission

To provide a brighter future for children diagnosed with ASD using the scientifically validated principles of ABA.  Through Individualized educational programs and comprehensive behavioral interventions,  CAS passionately strives to see that each and every child reaches his or her maximum potential.

How does Childhood Autism Services help your child?

Helping kids in learning new skills in a supportive and fun environment!  Intervention is based upon each
child’s strengths to teach new skills. Evidenced based Intervention our foundation. All intensive intervention services are 1:1 with your child receiving services directly from a trained Registered Behavior Technician with a team lead by a Board Certified Behavior Analyst (Learn More) We offer center- based and home based services. We work closely with educational providers to ensure a smooth transition from home/clinic settings to the natural environment. Location of services and the number of treatment hours are determined by each child’s unique needs at the clinical recommendation meeting.