Lancaster County, Nebraska

Founded in 2003, the department was tasked with designing and administering alternatives to incarceration in an effort to delay the design and constructions of a new jail facility.  What began as a small pretrial services agency has grown into a comprehensive department.  Over the years, more than a dozen different programs across the criminal justice intercepts have been implemented, providing supervision, programming and supportive services for individuals who are involved in the criminal justice system. 

Our approach to supervision and programming is grounded in evidence-based practices. Therefore, risk and needs assessment instruments as well as behavioral health assessment tools guide program placement and any information provided to the courts or other criminal justice system partners.

The mission of the Department of Community Corrections is to provide an opportunity for positive change with the safety of our community and dignity of the participant as the driving force.  The community supervision and interventions offered throughout our various programs would not be possible without the partnerships of local behavioral health agencies and other community support service organizations.