Mary Lanning Healthcare

As the largest employer in the community, the nine hundred and fifty employees and four hundred plus volunteers of Mary Lanning are the heart and soul of a medical tradition that has spanned over ninety years. Their compassionate approach augmented by state-of-the-art technology, diversified services, and outreach clinics in several communities has placed Mary Lanning at the forefront of healthcare in central Nebraska. Complimenting our healthcare tradition has been the commitment to medical education. Mary Lanning has been educating nursing students since 1915 and radiology students since the early 1950s. These students have not only benefited Mary Lanning but have extended the Mary Lanning caring tradition throughout the state and the nation.

Hastings, Nebraska is home to a myriad of cultural events, sporting facilities, historical sites, family-centered attractions and more. From the fast-paced excitement of a race track, to the laid-back atmosphere of a coffee shop or antique store, we have something for everyone!