Christian Heritage

Christian Heritage works to fulfill its purpose of offering hope to children and families through three programs offered.

From the beginning it has always been about serving vulnerable children & families in Nebraska.

We believe every child deserves a chance.

We offer a holistic, Christ-centered approach to caring for kids from hard places in Nebraska.

There are gaps in care and kids are falling through the cracks. That’s why we're committed to a comprehensive, child-focused, continuum of care. When we wraparound the entire family, we have a better chance of interrupting the generational cycle of neglect or abuse and help to restore the family.

Our continuum of care emphasizes a child-focused family services approach to care with three primary areas of focus.

Prevent Abuse and Neglect: We help vulnerable families before a crisis occurs by providing critical support and programs. As we meet tangible needs or provide temporary care for children while parents receive help, we can prevent the trauma of foster care.

Protect Children: We provide children a safe, loving foster family by matching the needs of each child with the right family uniquely trained to meet the complex needs of vulnerable children.

Restore Families: We help stabilize and restore families through permanency, expanding the support system around a bio family, and teaching practical parenting and life skills to incarcerated moms and dads.

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