Holistic Group, Inc.

Holistic Group, Inc. mission is to provide an environment where individuals with developmental disabilities and mental health challenges are supported to lead self-determined lives and realize their full potential. The vision of this company is that individuals with developmental disabilities and/or mental health challenges will live, contribute, and thrive in all aspects of their lives.

May 15, 2023
Part time
$40.00 hourly
Holistic Group, Inc. Hybrid
Position Summary: The Clinician must provide Supports to ISP team and FBA in order provide the best possible supports to individuals. The clinician is expected to work in collaboration with the team to ensure that all individuals are receiving the appropriate needed services. Responsibilities: Performs FBA assessments. Collaborates to develop Behavior Support plans. Utilizes standardized clinical outcome assessments to measure treatment progress and inform treatment interventions. Assess individuals needs and level of functioning including bio psychosocial assessments of all individuals referred to the case load. Writes safety, behavioral, and treatment plans. Specialized training for direct support staff in risk and behavioral support and participant needs. Writes weekly/monthly progress notes for all data. Meets with ISP teams. -Is expected to participate in regular staff meetings including those to review higher risk individuals, and participates in team...