Stephen Center

Since 1984, Stephen Center serves homeless and low-income individuals in Omaha. Founders Sharon and Dick McNeil had a straightforward goal - provide food, shelter and safety to those in need. They bought an old bar and pool hall in south Omaha, laid mattresses on the floor, and found resources for meals.

Over the years, Stephen Center has not only expanded services to the homeless, but also expanded its mission to serve those seeking to overcome substance use and co-occurring mental health conditions. Since 1990, the HERO (Health, Empowerment, Responsibility and Opportunity)
Program provides substance use and co-occurring mental health treatment for low-income and homeless individuals. In collaboration with our community partners, the HERO Program provides an array of evidence-based, integrated services to optimize individual outcomes. HERO is a state-licensed, CARF-accredited facility. Levels of care include Short-Term Residential Treatment (Level 3.5), Halfway House/Transitional Residential Treatment (Level 3.1), Intensive Outpatient Treatment (Level 2.1) and Outpatient Treatment (Level 1).