Douglas County Department of Corrections

About Us

Douglas County Correctional Center was opened in July 1979. It was designed with 12 housing units that held a total of 200 single bed cells.

By 1983, the majority of the single cells were double-bunked to bring the capacity to 363 beds.

In April 1989, the annex was added to the Correctional Center. Eight dormitory-style housing units were added with 354 beds and 2 isolation cells. This brought the capacity to 719 beds.

In June 2005, construction of the Correctional Center was completed, adding nine housing units with 62 beds each and a medical housing unit that can accommodate a combination of 61 male and female inmates. This brings our total capacity to 1,449 beds.

In 2016, Douglas County voters approved a public safety bond, a portion of which was allotted for the renovation of identified areas within the Correctional Center to include projects for painting, plumbing, windows, and lighting to create a more energy-efficient and safe environment.


Promote public safety by effectively managing individuals in our custody.


Set best practices and exceed national standards in anticipation of a changing environment. 


Diversity Recognize and appreciate differences 
Human Rights Honor and respect the values and rights of staff, offenders and the public 
 Innovation  Pursue new ideas and embrace technology
Professionalism  Interact with respect, patience, and integrity
Leadership Effective hiring, comprehensive training and mentoring