Restore Rebuild Reconnect Counseling Center

Restore Rebuild Reconnect Counseling Center offers comprehensive assessment, mental health, and substance abuse treatment services for children, adults, and couples. We provide therapeutic intervention that are based on empirical research combined with years of clinical training and experiences. In a non-judgmental environment with trust and acceptance as the foundation, Treatment is tailored to meet your individualized needs. Our aim is to alleviate symptoms, such as depression, anxiety, post-traumatic stress, racial identity development, racial trauma, etc., that disrupts a person’s thinking, mood, emotions, and ability to connect with other or everyday daily functioning.

Our vision is to provide the best, most personalized counseling service to individuals seeking therapy. We have a long-term vision of growth through collaboration with the community, healthcare professionals, nonprofit organizations, and agencies that are devoted to restoring, rebuilding, and reconnecting individuals and families back to the community.

We believe that everyone who desires to be RESTORED back to life, can be RESTORED

We believe that when given the skill, tools, and blueprint everyone can REBUILD their foundational framework

We believe that connection is powerful. So, we aim to collaboratively RECONNECT individuals to community through developing healthy relationships.