Thrive Collaborative Care

About Thrive Collaborative Care

At Thrive Collaborative Care, we embrace all people and validate how each individual experiences life. An emphasis on collaboration is central to the care we provide. Thrive Collaborative Care is an outpatient mental health group practice; integrated with medication providers and therapists of diverse backgrounds and professional experiences. Thrive values building strong communities and encouraging providers to grow in a safe and motivating environment. 

We Value


We believe that each person has worth no matter their past or present.


People who seek care deserve competent, skilled providers who mindfully consider the patient's lived experiences.

Meaningful Help

Good intention is not enough; we value helping people in a way that is meaningful to them.


We embrace the mind and body's balance, knowing that both require equal consideration to live a rich and meaningful life.

Candid Empathy

Everyone deserves honesty delivered in a respectful and supportive manner to allow time for individuals to make well-informed decisions.