Heart Ministry Center

The Heart Ministry Center is a community outreach center located at 2221 Wirt Street. We believe in the Dignity For All. The mission of the Center is to provide food, healthcare, and a way forward to people severely affected by poverty in the Omaha area. The Center offers various programs and services to help achieve its mission. These include: a "choice" food pantry, Monen Healthcare Clinic, which has a multidisciplinary team approach, offering medical, dental, vision, OT/PT. We also offer the Fresh Start job placement program, Willing Partner program, legal assistance, and community outreach events. 

The Heart Ministry Center started more than thirty-five years ago in response to increased requests from community members in the North Omaha area seeking food, clothing, shelter and financial assistance. Today, we go far beyond that as we employ program participants through our Fresh Start Laundry as well as Fresh Floral social enterprises.