Behavioral Health Peer Specialist

  • Bryan Health
  • Oct 07, 2021
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Job Description

The Behavioral Health Peer Specialist is an employee who has progressed in their own alcohol, drug abuse or mental disorder recovery and is willing to self-identify as a peer to assist individuals with similar problems seeking help at Bryan facilities; engages and provides peer support and advocacy to patients and families accessing mental health services.  The goal is to promote a healing environment for those accessing behavioral health services as needed.  The Behavioral Health Peer Specialist is trained in wellness and recovery and in hospital procedures and serves to provide information and feedback to individuals receiving care. The Behavioral Health Peer Specialist will listen and validate feelings, fears and emotions a patient may be experiencing in order to offer relief and build trust.


  1. *Commits to the mission, vision, beliefs and consistently demonstrates our core values.
  2. *Assists patients with wellness focused plans illness management and recovery by modeling wellness, personal responsibility, self-advocacy and hopefulness through the sharing of his or her story, role modeling how the needs of individuals can be respectfully met, and how a belief in ones’ self and recovery is maintained.
  3. When appropriate, conveys to patients personal experiences with mental illness and recovery.
  4. *Provides guidance and encouragement to patients to actively participate in their treatment planning and recovery.
  5. *Teaches patients self-advocacy skills.
  6. *Supports staff as requested by management in wellness and self-advocacy.
  7. *Provides information about community supports and resources, and wellness and recovery-based services in the community.
  8. *Facilitates community Wellness Recovery Action Plan (WRAP) groups for adults and youth ages 14 and over; co-facilitates WRAP groups in youth (ages 14 and over) and adult inpatient areas.
  9. Connects and communicates with identified adults and youth in the community to encourage WRAP utilization and group attendance.
  10. Works cooperatively with other hospital staff.
  11. Maintains appropriate therapeutic relationships with patients; ensures confidentiality of patient information.
  12. Upon direction from management or other leadership staff, helps educate staff about the recovery process.
  13. Upon direction from management or other leadership staff, helps staff to better understand and empathize with each patient’s unique experience and perceptions.
  14. Encourages patient satisfaction survey completion.
  15. As requested by professional staff, helps to coordinate efforts with community agencies to assist in the development of effective discharge plans.
  16. Collaborates with treatment providers to support patients through wellness activities, consultation and ongoing communication to enhance effective treatment planning.
  17. Communicates pertinent information to interdisciplinary treatment teams, through written and verbal reports, in order to enhance treatment planning and describe progress.
  18. Develops and uses broadcast text messaging and other similar technology to communicate with clients.
  19. Utilizes trauma informed care principles.


Job Requirements


High school diploma or equivalence required.  Personal experience with alcohol, drug abuse and/ or mental health recovery   Prior experience in an advocacy role preferred.  Prior experience working with different cultures and languages preferred.


Peer Specialist training and certification, WRAP Facilitator and Mental Health First Aid training required within six (6) months of hire.  Basic Life Support (CPR) certification required.

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