Assistant Residential Director

$45,000 - $55,000 yearly
  • Behavioral Health Specialist, Inc
  • May 13, 2022
Full time Admin / Management Other Behavioral Health Positions

Job Description

Job Description: The Assistant Residential Supervisor (ARS) will supervise the Human Service Techs/Medication Aides/Kitchen staff for the residential programs. The ARS will hire, discipline and train direct reports.


Roles and Responsibilities

Supervision/Service Coordination:

  • The ARS will manage, lead, and supervise the labor allocation of the hourly staff to ensure the agency is meeting the “direct care staff” ratio and the policies of the agency.  The ARS communicates and/or provides an alternative method of labor allocation/scheduling for the staff.  As appropriate, the ARS will “cover” shifts when assigned staff members are not able to report for their shift and alternative coverage cannot be arranged. 
  • Provide new staff orientation and training using Orientation/Training Format as per the polices and procedures of the agency.  The ARS will ensure the knowledge, skills and abilities(KSA) are trained and the staff are competent in the KSA.   Ensure ongoing training opportunities to staff in conjunction with the leadership team.  Document and maintain training records for all staff and ensure compliance with licensing requirements of pre-service training for all new hires and annual training hours needed for all caregivers.
  • The ARS will coordinate with the admission/administrative staff to schedule intakes while ensuring proper staffing levels for the residential. The ARS will collaborate with clinicians, directors, staff to provide a effective and efficient intake process for the client.     
  • The ARS assists in the administrative functions of the residential programs, such as but not limited to, admissions, authorizations, referrals (after hours), timely documentation of shift notes, discharge instructions/summaries, and/or any other administrative functions/duties.  The ARS will handle residential notes daily while achieving the agency’s mission on client care.  This includes observations of the clients and/or any other documentation that is related to the client’s mental health and substance use disorders
  • The ARS must understand the Central Data System (CDS) and the Nebraska Medicaid Eligibility System (NMES) to determine clients Medicaid eligibility.  The ARS must have the knowledge to perform the functions in the CDS system including discharges.  
  • The ARS must understand the Credible Electronic Health Record system.  This includes the following: Intakes, Referrals, EMAR, Service List, Documentation (Scanning), “Home Page Links”, “Inpatient” tab, and/or other sections as directed by supervision.
  • The ARS in conjunction with the Residential Director ensures client care/safety is administered throughout the residentials including the ligature risks, safety risk(s) are minimized through the Joint Commission and/or the agencies policies and procedures.   The includes review of all applicable regulatory regulations (JCAHO, Medicaid, HHS, HIPAA and/or other entities/regulations) to ensure compliance and foster a culture of “best practices.”    
  • Work in conjunction with the Program Director and Human Resources to interview prospective direct care staff candidates.  
  • Will be responsible for overseeing the ordering of supplies and general facility maintenance such as furniture, building, and grounds in conjunction with Program Director and BHS purchasing agent. Actively participates in the Agency Safety Committee and ensures completion of fire and tornado drills and completion of each drill in accordance with established Fire/Disaster Plans. Ensures monthly safety walk-throughs occur.


  • In collaboration with the Residential Director, the ARS will review and evaluate processes, procedures, and services of the department to ensure that are aligned with department/agencies’ goals, objectives, metrics, and profitability.  This includes reviewing client data/outcomes, perception surveys, financial statements, metrics, industry standards, benchmarking and/or other evaluation tools to complement the strategic plan of the agency.   
  • The ARS provides coaching/counseling to employees and assists in providing a talent gap analysis of the employees.   Based upon the analysis, the ARS will provide the appropriate resources and/or training to meet the goals and objectives of the employee and organization.   As appropriate, the ARS will handle conflict resolution within the department and/or throughout the agency as needed.
  • The ARS will provide a positive and teamwork culture and collaborate with other personnel/leaders to increase client and employee satisfaction. 

Job Requirements

Education and/or Experience   

Two years of coursework in a human services field and/or two years of experience/training OR two years of lived recovery experience with demonstrated skills and competencies in treatment with individuals with a behavioral health diagnosis. Bachelor’s Degree is preferred but not required.  


Certificates, Licenses, Registrations

Must have a valid Nebraska driver’s license and an insurable driving/safety record.


Knowledge, Skills, and Abilities (Competencies): To perform this job successfully, an individual must be able to perform each essential duty satisfactorily. The Knowledge, Skills, and Abilities (Competencies) requirements are listed below:

  • The ARS must have strong critical thinking and problem solving skills, understand the importance of unintended consequences, and evaluate decisions based upon the best long-term outcome of the situation. The ARS must demonstrate adaptability, demonstrate discrete and ethical behavior, and have teambuilding skills including relationship building.
  • The ARS must understand and have knowledge in human capital development including the ability to influence others by having difficult conversations with positivity and instill a positive culture within the department and agency.
  • The Supervisor must have an understanding and knowledge of financial and/or outcome metrics that determine the effectiveness and efficiencies of the department and agency.
  • The Supervisor must have basic knowledge on behavioral health including, but not limited to, different diagnosis and treatment methods to assist in the overall client care, and the 12 step recovery principles and how it relates. 
  • The ARS must possess mental and emotional stability to assist the clients.   This includes the ability to critically think and have emotional intelligence.  The Supervisor must have a strong mental foundation to be proactive in difficult situations that arise at a residential facility and be able to use a non-judgmental approach to assist in their treatment plans.   
  • The ARS must be able to develop relationships with boundaries to be influential.   This includes relationships with staff so they can develop trust while providing a positive culture within the facility and/or other facilities.  The Supervisor should have self-awareness/reflection and demonstrate professional social skills. 
  • The ARS must have excellent documentation skills that ensures the applicable personnel who administers medication can perform their essential job functions.  They must effectively communicate to third parties the clients’ condition(s) including, but not limited to, their physical conditions, diagnosis, vitals, and observations. 
  • The ARS must be organized and have time management skills.  This includes determining when/appropriate to handle tasks and functions of the agency/residential.  Identify “urgent/non-urgent” items while increasing client and employee growth. 


Other Requirements

  • Ability to pass and maintain extensive background check required by the agency.
  • If in substance abuse recovery, a minimum of two years continuous sobriety/ “clean time” is preferred and must be maintained throughout employment.

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