• Matt Talbot Kitchen & Outreach
  • Sep 22, 2022
Full time Admin / Management

Job Description

GENERAL INFORMATION: The Housing Specialist shall be employed by Matt Talbot Kitchen & Outreach (MTKO), a hunger relief and outreach program serving the working poor and homeless and shall report to the Director of Housing & Outreach. The purpose of the Housing Specialist is to identify, create, and sustain effective and innovative relationships with housing partners. The Housing Specialist will collaboratively and strategically assess and expand current local housing stock to better support Rapid Rehousing and Permanent Supportive Housing services.  This work will help increase and diversify housing opportunities for families and individuals experiencing homelessness.

GENERAL FUNCTIONS: The Housing Specialist is responsible for increasing access to both private and public rental markets for those moving from homelessness to permanent housing. The Housing Specialist will build relationships with landlords and create incentives for landlords to relax screening criteria for people experiencing homelessness who have barriers to accessing permanent housing. Incentives include a rapid response to concerns, tenant case-management, rental deposits, and a contingency/damage fund.

Job Requirements

QUALIFICATIONS: The Housing Specialist shall have a degree in Business/Communication, Customer relations, Human Services or related field is preferred. Some exposure to human services/social sciences and/or working with indigent/ at-risk populations is a plus. Experience in property management, housing management, fair housing legislation and/or real estate is also a plus.


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Additional Keywords

Homelessness, poverty