Outpatient Director

$60,000 - $72,000 yearly
  • Behavioral Health Specialists, Inc.
  • May 25, 2023
Full time Licensed Mental Health Professional Licensed Professional Licensed Substance Abuse Professional

Job Description

Job Description

The OD will provide and manage individual, family, intensive outpatient/group and/or other behavioral therapy services throughout the outpatient department. The OD provides leadership, management, training, counseling, and performance review for the outpatient therapists.  The OD with collaboration with the HR Director will assist in the recruiting and retention of therapists.  The OD will be a member of the Leadership Team and will assist in the strategic planning and marketing strategy of the agency and growth opportunities for employees and the agency.   The OD will assist in the evaluation of the mental health and/or substance abuse services of the agency and ensure the department is meeting the goals and objectives of the agency. 


Roles and Responsibilities

Licensed Services

  • The Outpatient Director will evaluate and lead staff to ensure they are competent in their position and provide guidance.   The OD must ensure the therapists are meeting the clinical documentation responsibilities including but not limited to, timeliness, therapeutic, and/or the goals of the clients.  The OD may assist in the treatment plan of the clinician’s clients as appropriate/needed. The OD may clinically supervisor other clinician documents.   The OD must adhere to and manage the workflows and/or policies set forth through Credible/EHR. 
  • The OD remains flexible in schedule openings for evaluative services, as directed by the supervisor, and meets productivity requirements set forth by the agency.  The OD will supervise all services including but not limited to Intensive Outpatient, Outpatient, Groups/Aftercare and/or other behavioral services that are performed by the outpatient department.  The OD will “fill-in” when needed for effective client care and/or during situations where it is warranted. This includes other behavioral health services such as residential and community support.   
  • Collaborates with the Outpatient Administrative Supervisor and/or other personnel to determine the scheduling of Open Access clients, Groups (Substance Use and Mental Health) to ensure we are meeting the clients’ and agency’s goals and objectives.  The OD needs to understand maximizing company resources during the scheduling process.  This includes understanding the licenses and approved payer source of the therapists.
  • The OD will ensure the therapists are following the agency’s policies and procedures that are outlined and clinical documentation is meeting the timeliness and treatment planning is effective for the clients/agency.  
  • Will prepare and approve clinical privileges of Outpatient licensed providers.  This entails working with HR to ensure appropriate checks are completed and identifying the services each provider is approved to perform.  This information needs to be presented to the Board of Directors for approval within 90 days of hire and every two years thereafter (during even years).


Leadership/Talent Management

  • The Director will be responsible for the training of new Outpatient providers/interns/staff on the Administration tasks, such as but not limited to billing, credible and/or other BHS policies and procedures that relate to Outpatient. The OD will ensure policies, procedures and process are consistent with requirements from outside regulatory agencies, all licensing and certification standards, e.g., TJC, Medicaid, HHS, SA Licensing, Region, HIPPA and other federal confidentiality regulations. This includes completion of documents to the above regulations and/or the policies and procedures of BHS.
  • The Director provides effective communication, coaching, counseling and motivation with their employees and clients. Prepares performance assessments and reviews productivity goals to increase productivity and employee engagement. This includes creating a talent gap analysis of the supervised employees and handling deficiencies within this analysis through the policies and procedures and human capital development.
  • The Director will effectively handle conflict resolution as set forth by the agency.  Effective conflict resolution will be achieved through effective proactive communication and a mindset of win-win for the parties involved in the conflict. 
  • The OD, as appropriate, will supervise/conduct case reviews with clinicians and make recommendations regarding admission, status changes, discharge planning and sentinel events. The OD will provide management to therapists to ensure processes are effectively and efficiently maintained and reviewed for continuous improvement. The OD may work with Clinical Director to facilitate the clinical service provisions.

 Strategic Planning:

  • The Director will review financial results and/or budgeting with the Finance Director and/or other members of the Leadership Team to assist in the overall business/marketing and strategic planning of the program.   This includes reviewing costs, revenue sources and/or other variables that affect the profitability of the program.
  • The OD utilizes the E.H.R system to review and analyze data to improve overall effectiveness and efficiencies of the agency while improving client care. This includes reviewing financial statements, industry standards, benchmarking and/or other evaluation tools to complement the strategic plan of the agency.
  • The OD will develop relationships outside of the agency to assist in the marketing of behavioral health services. This includes working with education institutions, medical facilities, the legal system, and/or local and regional leaders. Assists in the marketing strategy for assigned area, and the agency to increase agency brand awareness.

 Education, Licenses and/or Experience

Master's degree (M.A. or M.S.) in counseling, social work, psychology, or a closely related field preferred. Fully licensed mental health providers preferred; however, individuals with a LADC will be considered.

 Knowledge, Skills, and Abilities (Competencies): To perform this job successfully, an individual must be able to perform each essential duty satisfactorily. The Knowledge, Skills, and Abilities (Competencies) required are listed below:


  • The Director must have the skills to organize and coordinate work within schedule constraints and handle emergent requirements in a timely manner. The OD will apply critical thinking skills by using logic and reasoning to identify the strengths and weaknesses of alternative solutions, conclusions, or approaches to problems. The OD must demonstrate adaptability, ethical behavior and have team building skills including relationship building. The OD will have the ability to work efficiently under pressure and help motivate employees to meet demands.  

·        The Director must have effective communication and leadership skills and provide a positive culture within the program. Handling conflict resolution effectively and providing an environment to have difficult conversations. Have the mindset of valuing differences with members of their team, management, and/or associates. Possesses adaptive communication for the purpose of guiding clients and directing reports to support strategic leadership and human capital development. Understands and implements P&Ps for the best interest and long-term growth of the agency.

  • The OD must have strong written communication with ability to articulate in writing their thoughts, opinions, and facts with the objective of client care planning. The OD must understand and can influence others to complete documentation within the designated timeframes. The OD must understand productivity requirements for themselves and outpatient therapists. 
  • The OD will possess appropriate knowledge of HHS licensing, Medicaid/Medicare regulations, DBH and Private Insurance regulations.
  • The OD will possess knowledge of and be able to diagnose mental health and substance use disorders in the DSM-5, as well as expect appropriate treatment standards to be followed.
  • The OD must have the ability to apply risk management strategies and possess clinical decision-making skills appropriate for client’s care and safety, including productive collaboration with supervision/consultation as appropriate, and always in the case of imminent danger.
  • The Outpatient Director will have knowledge of BHS billing practices in relation to the licenses and approved payer sources of the therapists. The OD will possess the financial skills necessary to assist in the development, monitoring and revising of the program budget and the financial success of the program, with knowledge of all functions, capabilities, and reporting of the agency E.H.R system.

 Other Requirements:

·        Must have or be willing to acquire and maintain ongoing Criminal Justice Provider endorsement within six months of employment. 

·        Must be at least 21 years of age.

  • Successful completion of background checks/references including a valid driver’s license. The driving record must be in accordance with the agency’s guidelines.

·        If in lived substance abuse recovery, two years of continuous sobriety/ “clean time” is required and maintained throughout employment.

·        Must comply with agency policies and procedures, including those regarding conduct, confidentiality, and record keeping.

·        Provides 24-hour coverage as assigned. Manages the Outpatient on-call schedule.

·        OD will facilitate staff meetings or designate someone else to facilitate in their absence.

Job Requirements

See Job Description for a full list of the requirements.

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