Human Resources & Safety Director

$55,000 - $67,000 yearly
  • Behavioral Health Specialists, Inc.
  • May 25, 2023
Full time Human Resources

Job Description

Job Description

 The Human Resource Director (HRD) will act as a senior manager and business partner with the leadership team by planning, and administering policies, programs and processes related to human resources and safety.  The HRD will assist in the strategic planning of the agency and talent management strategies to increase human capital.  Evaluating culture and provide leadership to the management team to increase employee engagement and align the culture with the mission and values of BHS.  Reviewing and analyzing compensation programs to ensure retention and recruiting goals and objectives are being accomplished. 

Roles and Responsibilities

 Administrative, Payroll and Benefit Functions


  • Reviews the Employee Handbook to ensure legal compliance with the applicable local, state, and federal laws.  The HRD will review Human Resources and Safety policies and procedures and to ensure employees of the agency are aware of the necessary changes within their department.  The HRD will ensure the agency is meeting all applicable employment and labor law regulations and advises the management team to those applicable regulations.
  • May assist with the payroll functions of the agency including working with the agency’s HRIS.  Utilize the HRIS and train the functionality of the system to appropriate personnel. The HRD ensures the necessary background checks, payroll records and completes the new-hire paperwork as per the policies and procedures of the agency.  The HRD will review the policies, procedures and HR/Safety documents for effectiveness and ensure compliance with local, state and federal laws.
  • The HRD, with assistance from members of the management team and consultants, will execute the benefit strategy plan of the agency and to ensure the recruiting and retention objectives are aligned with the agency.  The HRD will handle the administrative, communication and execution of the benefit plan and ensure compliance as outlined by the federal regulations.   The HRD will handle the compensation planning/program of the agency to meet the recruiting and retention goals and objectives of the agency.


Recruiting, On-Boarding/Training


  • Through the business partners of the agency and the strategic plan, the HRD will create and implement recruiting strategies to attract/hire qualified candidates that meet the expectations of the agency. The HRD will develop relationships and create hiring sources strategies with initiatives that assist the recruiting goals of the agency/department.  The HRD will provide recruiting strategies that include active and passive candidates of the target market and determines the effectiveness of the recruiting strategies.  Provide interviewing techniques to the hiring manager and conduct interviews as appropriate to the position. The HRD will perform background and/or reference checks as appropriate. 
  • The HRD will analyze the on-boarding process and provide recommendations to ensure the effectiveness of the objectives of the on-boarding process. Providing HR/Safety training that meets the objectives of the agency including the training that meets the requirements of the Joint Commission Regulations and/or other entities.  Employee and Supervisory Training will be conducted as per the agency’s talent management strategies.  The HRD will assist in the creation and facilitation of the training as per the advice of the individual managers and the Executive Director.

   Counseling, Coaching and Talent Management Strategies


·        The HRD will assist the management team to effectively coach and counsel employees to ensure the overall outcome is a win-win solution for the employee and the agency.  The HRD will review all appropriate documentation for legal compliance and consistency within the agency, including suspension and terminations.  

·        The HRD is responsible for talent management strategies within the agency.  This includes employee and organizational development by providing structure within the agency and ensuring employee development are being implemented effectively and timely.  Be a business partner with other managers to identify high potential employees and assist in the employee’s succession planning and talent gap analysis. Proactively engage, evaluate, and deploy best of class practices for talent management strategies and ensure the ROI for the activities and/or processes that are practical for the agency.    

·        Review employee engagement strategies to evaluate the cultural environment for alignment with the agency’s mission and value statements. Provide direction and counseling to the department managers to assist in fostering an environment of employee/organizational growth.  The HRD will assist in the marketing strategies of the agency and be proactive in the community by communicating the mission, values, and strategic plan of the agency. 

 Safety Director:

  • The HRD will review and maintain the agency’s Safety and Loss Prevention Program and ensure the policies and procedures are being adhered to by the department and personnel.   The HRD will lead and direct the initiatives set forth by the program including administrative records and controls of the program. 
  • As appropriate, the HRD may periodically conduct building and grounds surveys on periodic basis to detect violations, hazards, and incorrect work practices.   The HRD will develop a positive culture towards safety for the employees and clients of the agency.  The HRD will lead the safety committee. 

 Other Requirements

·        Must be at least 21 years of age.

  • Successful completion of background checks/references including a valid driver’s license. The driving record must be in accordance with the agency’s guidelines.

·        If in lived substance abuse recovery, two years of continuous sobriety/ “clean time” is required and maintained throughout employment.

·        Must comply with agency policies and procedures, including those regarding conduct, confidentiality, and record keeping.

  • Enrolls all clinicians as providers in all appropriate insurance programs and maintains record of enrollments.

 Education and/or Experience                                                   

Bachelor's degree in Human Resources, Human Relations/Communications or Business from four-year college or university; or two - five years related experience and/or training; or equivalent combination of education and experience.

 Knowledge, Skills, and Abilities (Competencies): To perform this job successfully, an individual must be able to perform each essential duty satisfactorily. The Knowledge, Skills, and Abilities (Competencies) requirements are listed below:

  • The HRD must have strong written communication with ability to articulate in writing their thoughts, opinions, and facts with the objective of influencing others and/or implementing an effective communication strategy.   This includes writing reports, business correspondence, and procedure manuals. 
  • The HRD must have effective communication and leadership skills and provide a culture that allows the agency and associates to grow to their full potential. Handling conflict resolution effectively and provide an environment for associates to have difficult conversations and have the mindset of valuing differences with members of the management team and/or associates.  The HRD must be able to influence others and build relationships amongst the management team and/or the associates of BHS. 

·        The HRD must have knowledge on Employment and Labor laws that are associated with the agency and understand applicable employee benefits.

  ·        The HRD must have strong critical thinking skills, understand the importance of unintended consequences, and evaluate decisions based upon the best long-term outcome of the situation. The HRD must demonstrate adaptability, demonstrate discrete and ethical behavior, and work in “grey.”    

·        The HRD must have strong organizational skills and understand the importance of handling administrative tasks in a timely and accurate manner.  This includes the area of safety and ensures all employees are trained in the appropriate procedures.  

·        The HRD must have strong oral communication skills with the ability to influence others through developing relationships, providing facts/logic, and understand situational awareness to provide a win-win scenario during the communication process. 

·        The HRD must have knowledge of talent management strategies that will provide organizational and employee growth. 

·        The HRD must be proactive in the marketing strategies of the agency and develop relationships throughout our target market.   The HRD must understand the importance of push/pull marketing strategies, core competencies, primary/selective demand, promotional strategies, and SWOT analysis of the agency.

Job Requirements

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